Lone Station Simmentals Case Study

Using Video and Digital Marketing to increase the financial viability of Stud Breeding Operations

“Selling bulls out of the paddock for a fair and reasonable price”


For 2019 and 2020 Lone Station Simmentals was faced with not having an appropriate selling outlet (Bull Sale) where bulls could be sold for fair market rates and at the time of year to suit buyers. Traditional marketing channels available to Cattle Stud Operators in this position were considered limited in their effectiveness and costly. The usual multi-vendor sales available were either impacted by COVID-19 (AGROW- Emerald) or considered at the wrong time of year (February all Breeds Sale- Gracemere).

On this basis it was identified that a “digital catalogue of sorts” would be developed to show the bull buyer all the characteristics necessary when purchasing a bull in person knowing that they wouldn’t be able to visually inspect the bull. At the same the communication of the catalogue would be used to increase brand awareness of the Lone Station Simmentals Stud Operation knowing that in 2021 it once again would have access to a viable selling outlet. (Queensland Simmental Bull Sale www.qldsimmentalbullsale.com.au)


All bulls sold within seven days (could have been sold many times over) for a clearance rate of 100% and average price exceeding Queensland Simmental Stud Industry bull average by $1600 per animal (2019). Three were sold sight unseen by buyer or selling agent.

How it was achieved

Strategy One  Leverage the use of Video

For digital marketing the use of video is widely accepted as being the best medium to create and maintain user engagement in all industries. In considering a bull for purchase buyers and agents also rely heavily on a visual inspection. Essentially a sales catalogue was created (mirroring printed sales catalogues) on the Lone Station Simmentals Website. This catalogue showed the following.

  • Video of the bulls as a group
  • Individual videos of each bull
  • Photos of each animal, their feet and reproductive gear
  • Evidence of vet checks, semen tests, scan data and pedigrees
  • Background information on the Cattle Stud Operation.

Importantly skilled experts in videography were engaged- not an enterprise who does it as a sideline activity.

Strategy Two  Creating a planned and costed Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign was created with five key components.

  1. Update the Lone Station Simmentals website to make it better reflect the quality of animals produced by the Cattle Stud Operation
  2. A digital launch of the combined bulls in a promotional video distributed through social media (facebook)
  3. Engagement of an independent selling agent with clients in the Fitzoy Basin
  4. A digital launch of the website and sales catalogue on a number of social media sites
  5. A physical mail out to previous bull buyers was planned but never occurred as the bulls sold too quickly.

Stud Stock Marketing Services website offering

The Lone Station Simmentals website shows the standard Stud Stock Marketing Services website package specifically built for the Stud Cattle Producer. Minus the Sales Catalogue, Videography and Photography and (all available at additional cost) this reflects Stock Marketing Services standard website offering developed specifically for the cattle stud producer at the cost of a cheap bull.

Key inclusions in the standard offering are:

  1. Marketing advice on identifying your stud breeding operations point of difference and key attributes.
  2. Creating a plan for how this is communicated through your website
  3. Search Engine Optimisation included at no additional cost and Google Indexing (to improve performance on a Google Search)
  4. Integration with social media platforms (e.g. Facebook)
  5. The ability to create and post articles yourself using a template to save on costs of ownership
  6. Built using technologies to minimise the cost of future changes to your website
  7. Fast and secure hosting (based in Australia) for twelve months
  8. Yearly updates to plug ins and key technologies to reduce malicious threats. This includes regular back-ups of the website.
  9. Google Analytics reports provided six monthly so you can measure your return on investment
  10. The product is built and supported right here in Australia
  11. Support in writing your initial web site articles and the digital launch of your website through social media.

Stud Stock Marketing Services also has a “basic” and fully customised website design, build and host product offerings.

Contact Stud Stock Marketing Services to improve your cattle studs performance through effective marketing and branding today.

Author: Steven Manwill, Managing Director


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