Our Mission

To bring the effective use of marketing and information technology to the Australian Stud Stock sector that’s innovative, demonstrates value and is highly regarded.

Our role in Stud Stock Marketing

Good bulls don’t sell themselves.

You have the best pen of sale prepared bulls ticking all the right boxes, structurally correct, great weight for age, demonstrated genetics and you know they are just what the commercial cattle producer needs. If the buyer doesn’t know about them or you can’t fill seats at a sale they just won’t sell- or if they do not for what they should.

A cattle stud operation and brand is just like any other business whether its Coca-Cola, Uber, Realestate.com, Ford or Toyota. Just like any other customer commercial cattle producers need visibility of your brand to understand what differentiates you from your competitors and where and how your cattle can be purchased. Our role at Studstockmarketing is to launch, develop and maintain your brand to:

1. Increase your clearance rate and sale average; and

2. Develop your stud reputation to achieve your business and life goals.

Our Values

— Integrity

We are in business for a long time- not a short time. We put our customers first, our products and services demonstrate value and we continue to evolve and change to meet our customers expectations.

— Accountability

We are accountable for delivering products and services to agreed parameters of time, quality and cost. We deliver our products and services using streamlined process to minimise costs. We understand how tight the margins are in the beef production sector and the need to focus on the bottom line.

— Innovation and Enthusiasm

We apply principles and approaches to marketing and information technology used in the Corporate and Small Business sectors and adapt them to improve the profitability of stud stock operations. We are passionate about helping our clients succeed, love sharing their sense of achievement and only recruit staff who love to coming to work and genuinely care about the beef production sector.

Meet the Team

Managing Director

Steven Manwill

Steven Manwill has over twenty five years experience in a diverse and interesting career in Information Technology, Business Consulting and Cattle Stud Operations. Steven predominantly grew up in Yarraman and Rockhampton but has since worked at Bundaberg Roma, Mount Isa, Brisbane and of course Biarra where his stud operation is located. Steven’s experience has included managing in excess of 80 staff and $20 million of Information Technology expenditure per year, owning and operating a cattle stud for ten years, supporting Corporate, Small Business and Agricultural clients to improve their profitability and part owning a successful National Training Organisation for eighteen years.

Although now primarily based in Brisbane and the Brisbane Valley, Steven grew up in Regional Queensland. He fell in love with everything farming and cattle related on his grandfather’s mixed farming operation at Kingaroy where he spent most of his holidays as a child. Although his parents didn’t own or operate a farm, his grandparents did, as did their parents and so on. Like others, when cattle and farming are in your blood, you can’t just take it out- you don’t want to either and Steven is no different.

Steven is passionate about Stud Stock Marketing as it brings together his combined interests of business and marketing, beef production and people from the country who he prefers spending his personal and work time with. Steven has a Bachelor of Business and Industry Certified Qualifications in Program and Project Management.


Steve jackson

Stephen Jackson grew up in country Victoria with plenty of fresh air, AFL and an appreciation of the rural lifestyle. After finishing high school in the little town of Rutherglen (population 2200), Steve relocated to Wollongong where he completed a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science specialising in Secure Distributed Systems. Whilst completing his degree, he was hired as a vacation student at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and after completing his work experience, was hired to build and maintain their budgeting systems – eventually leading to fulltime employment at the completion of his degree.

After a few years, Steve left Sydney to setup his life with his girlfriend-to-become-wife Chesne in Brisbane. Steve initially joined Sunwater administering their various business and water information systems and then a few years later, took a position with Australia’s largest truck insurer (NTI – National Transport Insurance) managing their IT Infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand. After remaining with NTI for over a decade, Steve moved on to other opportunities and has worked in a variety of IT and management roles ever since then.

A keen family man, Steve and Chesne have three children ranging in age from 3 to 9 years old. Whilst he enjoys living in Brisbane, Steve misses the country upbringing he enjoyed in his youth and would love for his children to experience even some of what it means to live in a rural community. His rural experiences form the bedrock of his passion for Stud Stock Marketing Services – he wants rural communities to thrive and relishes any opportunity provided to assist rural businesses through making use of his extensive and diverse IT and business knowledge and experience.

Melissa Parr

Operations Manager

Melissa hails from Far North Queensland and brings with her the wholesome country values that come with a country upbringing. Melissa oversees all aspects of our agency’s operations with a key focus on driving our staff to meet or exceed our client’s expectations and ensuring that our client’s get the best business outcomes possible. Drawing on her over 20 years of experience in the operational and management space, Melissa has overcome almost every problem an agency manager would reasonable expect to encounter in their lifetime.

Carolina Rodriguez

Graphic/ Web Designer

Carolina is one of our very experienced and highly skilled website and graphic designers. Originally from Argentina and growing up in the US, Carolina has a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Design and a degree in Event Management. She has many years of experience in the design industry and is an expert in numerous disciplines including web and app design, WordPress websites, HTML & CSS, SEO, print publicity, creating and managing social media content and campaigns, email marketing and digital advertising.

Chesne Jackson

Graphic/ Web Designer

Chesne has many years of experience in the design industry and is an expert in numerous disciplines including web and app design, WordPress websites, HTML & CSS, SEO, print publicity, creating and managing social media content and campaigns, email marketing and digital advertising.


Graphic/ Web Designer

Since the inception of Stud Stock Marketing, Corey has been along for the ride. As with your project he will show the same loyalty and passion for building a strong relationship.

Greg Waite

Creative Director

Greg has over 40 years experience in videography, editing and management on both national and international productions. This experience includes working for most Television Networks and Greg has delivered countless television commercials for remote Queensland tourism campaigns, regional and remote based businesses and of course livestock. This experience and growing up on a cattle and grain property on the Darling Downs means that Greg is an expert in developing video for both digital and broadcast tailored specifically for the target audience.

Zac Waite

Camera Operator

With ten years professional experience in TV and Video production Zac is a highly experienced Camera Operator. In a typical engagement Stud Stock Marketing Services uses a number of different cameras, drones and devices using both digital and radio technologies and Zac is an expert in managing these devices and their integration. Zacs soft nature and demeanour means that he is a pleasure to work with and Zacs preferred clients are regional and remote based. An active listener and learner Zac is continually developing his expertise and capability.

Linden Heyer

IT Support

Linden is our IT geek, and he’s proud of it! With a true love for everything IT, Linden has a passion for everything technological and has over 5 year’s experience in supporting client’s with their varied IT troubles and needs. Specialising in frontline computer support with a key focus on email support, application support and vendor management, Linden is currently in final stages of completing a double diploma in Networking and IT Administration.

Vincent Vogelaar

Development Manager

Vincent oversees our development team in order to ensure that our system development activities stays on track, on budget and deliver on the functionality required by our clients. During major projects, Vincent also works closely with our clients to ensure that their feedback gets to the people who need to hear it. With over 20 years experience in various disciplines ranging from HR operations to IT change management, Vincent regularly draws on his diverse background to ensure that the systems we produce work well in the real world – not just in theory.

Thomas Vogelaar

Web Developer

Tom is one of our highly skilled software developers. With a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Tom loves working with modern technologies and using them to build robust systems that deliver real world benefits for our clients. He might look young, but don’t be fooled – Tom has already worked as a key team member on development projects ranging from large Queensland Government agency systems down to small startups and ventures.

Logan Otto

Web Developer

Logan is another one of our highly skilled software developers. A mirror of Tom in almost every respect other than looks, Logan too has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and has had significant exposure and experience working on both large and small software development projects. An awesome duo, there’s no software development problem that Tom and Logan can’t solve when attacking the issue as a team.

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